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« Terre Compagne », the ecology in practice…

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My name is Corinne and I have managed « Terre Compagne », a small rural enterprise in Médréac (Brittany), since 2013. I cultivate a micro-farm (fruits and vegetables, apple trees and some sheep and hens). My husband Yvon and I are happy to welcome you here. Wether you stay in our holiday cottage (4 or 6 people), in our three B&B rooms (1 to 8 people) or on the camp site, we hope you find your visit peaceful and restorative. You can ask for a homemade table d’hôtes for lunch or dinner. The lodge and two of the B&B rooms are located in an old XVIIIe century barn and one B&B room is located in our home. La Basse Bouëxière, our hamlet, is only 30 minutes from Rennes, 20 minutes from the “Forêt de Brocéliande” and 45 minutes from the “Côte d’Emeraude” (see practical informations).

The old barn was enterely renovated using ecological materials (straw, cob, hemp, wood wool) and some old techniques (floor made in distaffs of mixed earth and hay). Particular care and attention was given to the renovation in order to reach a high level of air quality and a good phonic insolation. The potable water is warmed first and foremost by solar panels, the purge of waste water is made by plants and the heat is provided by a wood pellet stove.

We welcome equestrians (grass paddock) and cyclists (garage).

We look forward to welcoming you to La Basse Bouëxière !
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The ‘gîte rural’ (rural lodge / holiday cottage)

Our rural lodge (4 or 6 people), rented for a week, a week-end or half a week, is located between the Broceliande forest and the Channel’s “Côte d’Emeraude” (Saint-Malo). Farm accomodation enables you to get a taste of the landscapes and the way-of-life of the Brittany countryside.
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The B&B accomodation

Our three B&B rooms (chambres d’hôtes) can be rented one or several nights, homemade breakfast included. We offer an “Overnight stay” package for one lodger and a « Week-end » package for two lodgers.

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The camp site on the farm

Without any specific appliance, our camp site welcomes you (up to 6 persons) for a short stay : to find out more… / Top of page

« Table d’hôtes », our farm-fresh meals

Corinne cooks her « Table d’hôtes » (22 €, children under 12 : 12€) using homegrown and local produce, when booked in advance and depending on availability. [Webpage in progress!] / Top of page

The farm

This 2.5-acre farm produces a variety of vegetables and fruits, and enables Corinne to prepare apple juice and various jams (using farm fruits, organic sugar, wood cook stove). Our farm is free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, our food free of additives.

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To know more

For practical information click here !

For leisure activities here and around (in French) click here !

To find us on the Web, you cannot use Airbnb or Booking, because we do not support some features of their economic model; here are some websites that know about Terre Compagne:

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